Date and Keynote Speaker

August 29, 2008

Registration will be opening up soon, as soon as we finalize a location. But we do have some important news to share regarding our date and main speaker, both recently locked down. Along with some more detail on events of the day.

Date Finalized
Saturday, November 15th at 10am EST

Keynote Speaker Finalized
Mark Jaquith
, Lead developer on WordPress

“A Floridian, a husband to a wonderful wife, IN UR NOUN, VERBING UR RELATED NOUN, an employee of b5media, a fan of Free and Open Source Software, six feet, four inches tall, 25 years old, a WordPress core developer, a Mac user, an independent WordPress consultant, a capitalist and a libertarian, a Roman Catholic, this guy right here:

Mark Jaquith

Panel Discussions

We are aiming for 3 main panel discussions where we will be able to utilize some local experts in a very casual discussion format. The topics we are currently considering are:

  1. WordPress Tech – From to, what are the technical pros and cons, the common pitfalls, and some tips and tricks of the trade
  2. Content is King – Overused yes, but still too true to ignore. What are the keys to developing dynamic content for your blog
  3. Traffic Solutions – Ok, so you have a blog up and running, you think you have good content, how do you bring it to the people?


We are planning two very informal roundtable discussions for now.

After Party

Yes, there will be a nifty happy hour for people to continue to meet adn greet and grab some beverages afterward. More to come on this as the details are dependant on several things still up in the air.