Man Stuck in Elevator at CLT WordCamp

Don’t worry, we got him out in time for lunch. UPDATE: His account of it here.


9 Responses to Man Stuck in Elevator at CLT WordCamp

  1. stephaniemckendrick76 says:

    some people will do anything to get traffic on their blogs!

  2. #Elevatorguy deserves 2 Charlotte WordCamp t-shirts. And all the leftover pizza he can eat. Poor #elevatorguy

  3. Is that @UTKevDawg? Did he send out a tweet that he was stuck? THAT would have been hilarious!

  4. Hey guys in the spirit of the event, I will definitely be blogging on this later.

  5. […] forgot to mention this earlier: I met elevator guy. Nice guy. He’s actually interested in starting a psychology […]

  6. Davis says:

    I bet a lot of us will be writing about it — I know I will.

  7. Cristina says:

    Wow, Kevin. When I was heading up to the event the elevator shook crazy-like right before I got out. It coulda been any of us, but you, dude, were the bravest of us all. I think you should be one of our presenters next time!

  8. Lisa says:

    I don’t recall hearing how long it took before someone found out “Elevator Guy” was stuck in there? Anyone know or did someone blog about it somewhere?

  9. utkevdawg says:

    I was able to text @andy_denton after five minutes of ringing the bell. He got help. The story is now up at

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