Promotion Panel – Corey Creed on SEO

Still more video to come, just posting some snippets as they get uploaded. Video by @jakrose, Corey Creed can be found here.


3 Responses to Promotion Panel – Corey Creed on SEO

  1. Lake Norman says:

    Great tips for bloggers in the Charlotte area!

  2. Very nice explanation here. The Google Keyword Tool is… well… key. Granted the numbers seem a bit inflated (i.e. all searches on their whole network, not just Google) but its still helpful as at least the data is relative to itself.

  3. Good explanation. Although this post has been up for a few years, it does show that many seo techniques do remain the same over time. I find that most often people overlook the keyword research phase so it is helpful that you made it clear that data is our friend. The keyword search tool is not always perfect, but it is a resource that should not be ignored.

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