If you would like to attend, please comment with your:

Name” – “Twitter id (if applicable)” – “Website


55 Responses to Participants

  1. Interest from Twitter

    Jason Keath – @jakrose –
    Darryl Parker – @DarrylParker –
    Kayla G. Castille – @KaylaC –
    Jerimiah Hester – @pixelnated –
    Brian Cary – @briancary –
    Scott Hepburn – @ScottHepburn –

  2. Corey Creed says:

    I’m in. Very interested.

    Corey Creed – @Charlotte_SEO –

  3. Josh McGlinn says:

    Sounds like a great idea to meet up and learn some new things.

  4. Andy Denton says:


    Andy Denton – @realty –
    Andy Denton – @andy_denton –

  5. Ashley says:

    Ashley McFarland- @ashleymcfarland –

  6. 93octane says:

    Lyell E. Petersen @93octane

  7. Amy Peterse says:

    Amy Petersen @dotamy

  8. Andria Krewson says:

    For location:
    “uptown, low key, wifi, with a decent bit of space, maybe a bar.”
    Brixx? Wifi, I think.

  9. Andy Ciordia says:

    Even though my October is pretty locked, if I’m available I’ll be there.

  10. Definitely interested

    Matt Tyndall @mtyndall


  11. Heather says: and


  12. Tom Dressler says:

    Looking into attending…

  13. davidmullen says:

    Definitely interested.

    David Mullen

  14. Darin Pope says:

    Darin Pope – @darin_pope –

  15. Shrop says:

    Mark Shropshire – @shrop – (drupal site, but still interested in WP!)

  16. vinnie says:

    Um sure why not

    vinnie – @vinnie –

    that’s a lot of vinnie

  17. UpsideUp says:

    I guess I’ll have to upgrade my site from v1.5, eh?

    Laurie Smithwick – @UpsideUp

  18. David says:

    I’m interested…

  19. Greg says:

    I’m down, I guess

    Gregor Smith – @flc –

  20. Lisa says:

    Sorry, I didn’t give my full name.

    Lisa Barnett

    Very interested!

  21. Sounds like it’s shaping up to be a great event. Word!

    Brandon Uttley – @BrandonUttley –

  22. Ryan says:

    I’m a WordCampRDU refugee. Looking forward to coming to Charlotte.
    Ryan Boyles – @theRab

  23. Doug Sauer says:

    @DougSauer Would like to attend. How can I sign up? Thanks

  24. Justin Holt says:

    registered and ready to attend!


  25. Just finished registering…

    Malik Richardson @mrich1911

  26. Steve K. says:

    Steve Knight


    Registered and looking forward to it …

  27. Jay says:

    Jay Radford


    Registered, in a chair, Jason is spittin the wordpress gospel!

  28. […] of acronyms, lots of coffee, and lots of participants at Wordcamp this morning.  Hope that the Dunkin Donuts in the corner don’t cause me to […]

  29. Thanks for the great meeting. Well organized, informative and even food! Hope to be able to meet up with you again.

    Nikki Stephens

  30. Byrer says:

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  31. Kerber says:

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  32. Orduno says:

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  33. Kiel says:

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  34. Mchughes says:

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    thank you for your post.

  35. Cygan says:

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  36. Mincy says:

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