Charlotte WordCamp 2008 Wrapup

November 30, 2008

Charlotte’s first blogging conference had ended. On the day of the conference, we had 120 attendees.

Keep an eye out for these upcoming post on the blog:

  • Event feedback form summary
  • Full video from the event
  • Plans for the coming year

Here is a wrap-up so far:

Other accounts of the event:

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Slide Shows CLTwordcamp

November 17, 2008

The keynote and panel slide shows for your reference.

Promotion Panel – Corey Creed on SEO

November 17, 2008

Still more video to come, just posting some snippets as they get uploaded. Video by @jakrose, Corey Creed can be found here.

Content is King – Sarah Aarthum speaking at CLTWordcamp

November 17, 2008

Much more video coming. This is just a sample. Thanks to Stormncast on Twitter for video.

How do you like to Install WordPress?

October 22, 2008

New WordPress Podcast

October 21, 2008

First WP podcast in a while. 30 minute interview with Matt of WP. WordCamp is a big topic toward the end.