Twitter Meetup with a Heart

February 4, 2009

Building on a great community showing at Barcamp, the Charlotte Social Media crowd is hopping with happenings. The next of which is a great event for a great cause.


Twestival is a global city-by-city tweetup aiming to bring together social media enthusiasts to raise money for a great cause, charity : water. Each city’s event is run by local volunteers with all proceeds going directly to charity, to help provide wells and clean drinking water to the world. How are they organizing such an effort? WordPress of course. The Twestival website, city sites (including Charlotte), and development blog are all being run on WordPress Mu.

Give some to this great cause by attending the Charlotte Twestival event next Thursday, Feb. 12th. Buy your tickets now (all proceeds go to charity : water) as cheaper tickets will not last long. Spend as little as $5 or as much as $100, whatever is within your budget. They are also looking for sponsors of $300 or more in order to help reach the goal of raising $5,000.


Follow Us on Twitter and Other Exciting Stuff

August 30, 2008

“What took you so long?” We know, we know.

Honestly, we were hesitant to put out too much publicity about CLT WordCamp until we knew the interest was there. Well it looks like we are actually going to have to do this thing now, because the interest has been remarkable. Thanks for showing your support.

Touch base with us on Twitter here. Give us your feedback, stay up on the latest and greatest updates, and (hint) there may even be a discount offered for all the Twitter folks out there when registration opens up soon.

Registration will open very soon by the way. We need to wait until we lock in our location so we can be sure about covering all costs, but that moment is close.

Thanks again to everyone who has supported us so far. Looking forward to a kick ass WordCamp. By the way, according to the WordCamp Report, “this could be the first time there are two WordCamps in one state.”

WordCamp RDU is scheduled for October 4, 2008, in Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina, which is exciting. Perhaps some interstate rivalry can spur on both conferences.